Pain Relief

Back Pain

Anyone suffering from back pain understands the limitations and frustrations that are part of daily life. When doing basic everyday tasks becomes more than you can handle, finding an effective solution makes a lot of sense. Why Does My Back ... Read More

Neck Pain

Is neck pain holding you back from doing the things you want to in life? If it’s become almost impossible to exercise, play with your kids or grandkids or even perform basic everyday tasks, it’s time to find a long-lasting ... Read More

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is an issue with the rubber-like cushions that are positioned between your vertebrae in your spine, causing a range of potential symptoms that can affect all areas of your life. Whether your herniated disc was caused by ... Read More

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain has the ability to rob you of a lot of enjoyment in life. Whether it’s playing a sport you love, activities like gardening, or just playing with your kids or grandkids, painful shoulders make life more challenging. If ... Read More

Hip Pain

When you suffer from debilitating hip pain, it hurts when standing, walking, and even sitting. It’s important to find a solution that allows you to move freely and get back to your normal routine. Our treatments for painful hips include ... Read More


Sciatica is a condition that affects the low back, hips, buttocks, and legs. It is often associated with radiating waves of pain that can be debilitating and leave you unable to perform basic tasks or even sit comfortably. If you ... Read More

Knee Pain

If knee pain is a regular part of your life, you know just how limiting and debilitating it can be. But, if you’ve tried just about everything you can think of to find pain relief without any success, we have ... Read More

Joint Pain

When you have joint pain that creates limitations in various areas of your life, finding a long-term solution is crucial. It can be challenging to find effective treatments that can help bring relief to your joints, but at our chiropractic ... Read More


Is the numbness and tingling of peripheral neuropathy causing limitations in your life? If you have sensitivity in your hands, legs, and feet and want an effective, long lasting solution, we have treatments that may help. Chiropractic care and Physical ... Read More


There are several potential triggers for migraine headaches, such as bright lights, strong odors, poor sleep, weather changes, and stress. But when you have an attack, all you can think of is finding a solution that will allow you to ... Read More