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If you were involved in an auto collision — regardless of who was at fault — it is important to get an assessment right away to rule out any spinal damage. Whiplash and other spinal misalignments may not present with symptoms at the point of injury, but swelling and misalignment can cause compression on nerves and muscles that cause pain and impairment later on. Sometimes, these injuries can cause permanent damage and result in a long-term disability that robs you of the ability to work or participate in your hobbies. At Injury Care Centers, Inc., Dr. Natalie and her team work diligently to help car accident victims to heal from injuries and prevent long-term impairment.

As a survivor of a terrible car accident that nearly left her disabled, Dr. Natalie understands the frightening and confusing experience it is navigating insurance and finding care that does more than medicating the pain. We use a variety of techniques including massage, spinal alignment, and physical therapy to treat the underlying cause of auto accident pain. Additionally, Dr. Natalie’s team can help file insurance claims and negotiate coverage. If your injury requires orthopedic intervention, Injury Care Centers, Inc., can act as a resource to refer you to local practitioners and programs to get the care you need while providing the care that we can.

Chiropractic Car Accident Treatment

Chiropractic Care In Upper Marlboro

In addition to car accident injury care, we also offer a variety of additional services including:

  • Sports injury care
  • Workplace injury treatment
  • Routine chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy

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